Scheme Information

1 KOPETRO MORTALITY SCHEME Koperasi Kakitangan Petronas Berhad funeral benefits is a one-off payment to reimburse families of the deceased for burial costs.

Contribution of RM1,000 to member’s heirs upon death of a KOPETRO member.

Contribution of RM500 to KOPETRO member upon death of member’s spouse or children’s.

2 DONATION OF NATURAL DISASTERS Donation to Members affected and endured in natural disasters include floods, fires, storms, earthquakes.

KOPETRO Member are entitled to receive one (1) contribution during the current financial year.

Application must be made not more than 3 months after the incident occurred

3 CONSOLATION GIFT TO FURTHERING STUDIES IN IPTA/S Consolation Gift to KOPETRO member/member’s children furthering studies at selected IPTA/S recognized by Government
4 CONSOLATION GIFT FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENT RESULTS Consolation Gift to member’s children who achieved with at least 4A’s in UPSR, UPKK & PT3.

Consolation Gift to member/member’s children with at least 7A’s in SPM, 2.5 GPA in STPM & 3.5 CGPA in IPTAs in last semester

Terms of Application

For the KOPETRO Members (KOPETRO Mortality Scheme) Fund claim, please fill out the form as attached and email to info_membership@kopetro.com.my along with the following documents:

  1. Copy of Death Certificate
  2. Copy of Identity Card (Heir)
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate (If the Heir is a child)
  4. Copy of Marriage Certificate / Marriage Registration Certificate (If the Heir is a spouse)
  5. Bank Account Information (Inheritance Savings Account)
  6. Borang Khairat Kematian Scheme. Download Here

*Subject to terms and conditions

For more info, kindly contact info_membership@kopetro.com.my