Manpower Supply Services


Manpower Supply (MS) was established on 01 Mac 2008. Its main business is to provide manpower services to its clients consist of PETRONAS' Group of Companies such as PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB), Malaysian International Trading Corporation Sdn Bhd (MITCO), Petroleum Industry of Malaysia Mutual Aid Group (PIMMAG), Vinyl Chloride Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (VCMSB) PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd (PMTSB).

Currently, Manpower Supply Department is located at B-3A-11, Block B, Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. In the last one year, it has been recruiting staff and has been providing manpower services to the above companies (Technical and Non-Technical, Executives and Non-Executives) since Mac, 2008. Its total manpower strength as at 30 October, 2011 is 350 staff.


In order to maximize returns on investment to KOPETRO as well as diversifying its business activities in line with its business plan, KOPETRO has formed Manpower Supply Department with its main intention in moving forward as one of manpower suppliers to company operating its business in Malaysia.


Manpower Supply main activities are to provide manpower support services to its main clients as follows:

  • PETRONAS Gas Berhad

    Until the end of November 2009, Manpower Supply Department has been providing manpower support services to PETRONAS Gas Berhad with a total number of manpower of 240 staff which consists of Safety Managers, Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, Senior Engineers and Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic and Civil & Structural), Technical Inspectors (Mechanical, Electrical and Civil), Surveyors, Senior Contract Estimator, Contract Specialists, Document Controllers, and Office Support Services. They are located throughout Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Kertih and Paka (Terengganu), Bintulu and Miri (Sarawak), Segamat (Johore) and Kuantan, Pahang.

  • Malaysian International Trading Corporation Sendirian Berhad (MITCO) (PETRONAS' Trading Arm)

    Since November, 2008, Manpower Supply Department has been supporting MITCO with 13 Office Supporting Staff. All of them are located in various places throughout Malaysia.

  • Vinyl Chloride Malaysia Sendirian Berhad (VCMSB)

    Since 1 July, 2009, Manpower Supply Department has just providing with 15 Office Supporting Staff to VCMSB, a Joint Venture company of PETRONAS whereby PETRONAS is being the majority share-holder.

  • Petroleum Industry Malaysia Mutual Aid Group (PIMMAG)

    PIMMAG (a joint venture company whose main tasks is to manage and monitor the maritime activities in Malaysia) has also appointed Cotrade as the manpower services provider to them. Initially, Manpower Supply Department seconded one of its staffs to PIMMAG and subsequently by early next year, they promised to request for additional 20 more staff. Majority of PIMMAG business are located at the marine depots and terminals.

  • PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd (PMTSB)

    Since 1 November, 2009, Manpower Supply Department has been providing manpower support services to PMTSB (a subsidiary of PETRONAS in 1992 with its core business in designing, developing and delivering a comprehensive range of internationally recognised oil and gas industry-related training programmes for the PETRONAS Group) with a total number of manpower of 52 staff which consist nonexecutive and executive.

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